Shepherd’s pie with shredded lamb, harissa and olives

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I’m writing this from Poole, where the weather is rather lovely! I’m sat on my Dad’s balcony and once I’ve finished I’m going to go for a dip in the swimming pool. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it… (Update: it took me so long to post this that I am now […]

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A really easy recipe for Potatatoes Boulangeres

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If I *had* to choose one cuisine to eat for the rest of my days, I’d probably go French. Steak. Frites. Casserole. Coq au Vin. Boeuf bourguignon. Bread. Croissants. All of the pastries. Cheese. Red wine. Quiche. Creme brûlée. Macarons. Madeleines. Soufflé. Tarte Tatin. Pâté. Jambon. Raclette. Sorry, I got a bit caught up there… […]

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Sweet and sticky duck legs

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We’re trying to eat less chicken. Well, Alex is trying to make me eat less chicken. It goes with everything and I put it with everything. So, we’re stepping away. More vegetables, and more non-chicken meats for these guys. This week I experimented with duck legs. I love duck (even more than chicken, actually), I just don’t […]

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REVIEW: Dinner by Heston, Knightsbridge

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If you like your Michelin-star restaurants with a healthy dose of drama and more attention to detail (and to you) than you’ve ever experienced before, go to Dinner by Heston. It’s the real deal. To celebrate 7 (long, hard) years together, Alex and I booked a table at Dinner by Heston, which is situated in […]

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4-ingredients-only banana pancake recipe

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I don’t eat a lot of pancakes. Unless I’m in America, in which case I’ll take a stack every morning with a vat of maple syrup and bacon or it’s Pancake Day in the UK, where Alex and I will competitively eat homemade pancakes, both sweet and savoury, until one of us is near toilet-hugging […]

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5 London restaurants for hungry people

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Roll up, roll up (quite literally!)… If you scoff at artistic flowers arranged atop your food, if pea puree smears really get your goat and if piddly portion sizes have you swallowing down cries of “RIP OFF!”, you’ll love these Big Girl (and Boy) dishes. From Indian banquets to meaty breakfasts and filling foodie market […]

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Lentils and rice with tomato, pork and kabanos

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I’ve just returned from a little timeout in the Spanish sunshine and my return to normality is taking longer than usual. My responsibilities for the last week have been limited to remembering to apply more sun cream (factor 50, every hour; I no burn) and shoveling crisps from a bag to my face while I […]

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Sweet potato and chicken curry

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This is a super quick and easy mid-week meal, so I won’t rabbit on as usual. I’ll just give it to you straight. Here’s my simple sweet potato and chicken curry recipe, which serves 3 or 4 people… You’ll need: 3 chicken breast 1 cup natural yogurt 2 large sweet potato, chopped 2 large onions, […]

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REVIEW: The Black Rat, Winchester

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Just an hour from London Waterloo lies Winchester, a cute cobbled town in Hampshire. It’s actually a city, with its very own cathedral, but the sweet market-lined high street (singular) and proper country pubs tell a different story. One of those pubs is The Black Boy, and nearby, in Chesil Street, is The Black Rat, […]

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Sticky pulled pork topped with three cheese mac and cheese

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Well hello, Friday night food perfection! If bone-sticking, bad-but-good comfort food is what you’re craving (and who isn’t at the end of a long hard week?), my sticky BBQ pulled pork recipe, teamed with my three cheese macaroni and cheese recipe is spot on. Cause what’s better than pulled pork and mac and cheese? Pulled […]

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Steak, tomato, asparagus and onion marmalade tart

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Last Friday night, I wanted to make something impressive for dinner but I, well, I couldn’t be arsed. So, to cover up my lack of effort I set my sights on serving two courses (it sounds like you’ve slaved away for a good amount of time that way) with a French theme (seems complicated enough, […]

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What to do and what to eat in Lake Plitvice, Croatia

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2016 is my year of going places, so just a few weeks after this fab adventure in Ljubljana, I hopped on a plane back to that part of the world, this time landing in Croatia. I’ve wanted to go to Croatia for a while, with Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik high on my list ever since […]

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Three cheese and ham risotto

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Risotto is my go-to thing. As you can see here, here and here, I make it a lot and I like tweaking the ingredients each time. It’s one of those dishes I’ve really got down, like, I know the basics, I don’t need to read a risotto recipe and I know what I can add […]

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An ode to pastéis de nata

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Say hello to your new sweet obsession, pastéis de nata. I didn’t quite believe the hype at first either – a Portuguese custard tart, and a mini one at that, dubbed as better than chocolate and other more carnal pursuits, I don’t think so – but believe it you should. My love affair with nata […]

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What to do and what to eat in Ljubljana

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The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (loo-bl-anna) is one of Europe’s lesser-known cities and is just a 2 hour flight from London. It’s a pretty beautiful flight too, with the Swiss Alps and Slovenia’s pine-lined lakes visible through the fluffy white clouds. Surrounded by places like Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy, it’s a smorgesboard of […]

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How to make your own chilli oil

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Making your own chilli oil is incredibly easy, faff-free and cheap. It looks great too and makes for a lovely gift for a foodie in your life. The hardest bit is picking a decent dispenser – I got my chilli oil bottle from Amazon but I also like this vintage-look chilli oil bottle and also this […]

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Pork and apple risotto with truffle balsamic and avocado

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I’ve always wanted to be the kind of cook who can walk into the kitchen, not having been to the supermarket, and rustle something up from whatever’s in the fridge or on top of the cupboard. I’m also a budding leftover enthusiast, whether that means taking last night’s tea to work or using up extra […]

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REVIEW: Jason Atherton’s Little Social, Mayfair


I’m writing this the morning after the night before. The night before being the evening we visited Little Social, one of chef and serial-restaurant-opener, Jason Atherton’s places in Mayfair. It was one of those restaurants that you find yourself thinking about way before you get there – not least in our case, because Jason had […]

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Mini pork Wellingtons

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You’ve had beef Wellington, but have you had pork Wellington? If not, I’d implore you to rectify that immediately. It is a taste sensation. A cheesy, buttery and ever-so-slightly crumbly pastry, encasing a juicy but firm piece of pork and a layer of sweet apple and garlic – what more could you want? With the […]

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Fig, feta and pomegranate salad

Untitled design (6)

Who knew figs were so tasty? I mean, I know I’m partial to a (packet of) fig rolls, but I never really associated the fruit with the sweet snack, and I know they look and sound delightful on Waitrose’s cool shelf, but I’ve never known what to do with them, or even really fancied them […]

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REVIEW: Sunday lunch at The Dartmouth Arms, Forest Hill

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The Sunday Roast. It’s a British Institute and one I’m keen to uphold in my two-person home – but there’s rarely the time, patience, mouths to feed or available work space. It’s such an effort for just us and it more often than not results in a war over who gets the top oven rack, […]

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Chicken, chorizo, sweet potato and orange tray bake

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Easy, peasy, orange squeezy! Consider your Thursday night tea sorted. My chicken, chorizo and sweet potato tray bake with a healthy helping of orange, is perfect for busy people and it’s great for tea one night, leftover lunch the next day. Hearty, wholesome and zingy, it’s a taste sensation. It’s not too pricey either. Basically, […]

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Chicken and pomegranate stew

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Chicken. And. Pomegranate. This is a taste sensation, believe me. This is one of my go-to Saturday night dinners and a favourite when we have people over. It impresses every time, even the time the screw from the casserole dish top came loose and was served to one of our dear friends in his chicken […]

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REVIEW: 7 courses, 7 wines at Benares, Mayfair

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Valentine’s Day is not a favourite date to dine in public for me. Squeaky foil balloons (heart-shaped, of course), musicians, roses (your partner asked us to give this to you, Madam – yeah right, Gaston!), and worst of all, the overpriced set menu. Alex and I are not against celebrating V-Day, we’re really not against […]

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Creamy carbonara

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I read a really great article recently about how you shouldn’t put cream in your carbonara. Then, I went to the shop, bought Sainsbury’s finest double cream, and put it in my carbonara. And that’s what cooking is all about for me. Reading and researching, looking and learning – and then doing it my own […]

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