Agua de Valencia

Come rain or shine this juicy concoction will bring a little sunny Spain to you. For me this tipple has a lot of happy memories; one of our favourite restaurants in Sheffield (sadly, now closed down – support your independents people!), had this lovely little terrace and in the summer lots would go on in the square beneath it from salsa dancing to bake sales. It was just such a gorgeous place to sit and people watch in the sunshine, Agua de Valencia in hand, or jug. Me and my boyfriend loved our first taste of the Agua from this restaurant so much we created our own (in an enormous vase we drunkenly bought in TK Maxx on the way home..), and we still crack the recipe out now…

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 Makes a big jug for sharing!

1 litre orange juice

50cl vodka

50cl gin

1 bottle cava

Lemonade (just to top it up with)

3 oranges cut into segments


Pour your orange juice, vodka, gin and cava into a large jug (or vase!) and give a good stir. It really doesn’t matter too much about the quality of your cava, we usually just get whatever is on offer at Tesco and never pay more than a tenner for it. I would suggest getting the gin and vodka you usually like though as it can really ruin the taste of this (quite strong) cocktail if the spirits are cheap.

Throw in your orange segments and pop a slice on the side of each serving glass. Add as much ice as you like – we like to add a handful so it bobs around but you might prefer to pack the ice to the top of your jug – and top up with lemonade. Enjoy!


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