Eggs Benedict… or the Idiot’s Guide To Poaching Eggs

Since working from home (I’m a freelance writer over here), I’ve really gotten in to breakfast. I try to go healthy with lots of fruit, yoghurt, eggs, avocado etc but it doesn’t always work out that way (HELLO BACON AND BRIE SANDWICH). This one isn’t too naughty, unless like me you slather a whole sachet of hollaindaise sauce over it afterwards. Hollaindaise or not here’s my very simple egg-poaching method teamed with slithers of ham on toasted muffins.

IMGP0467Serves 1

2 large free range eggs

2 slices ham/bacon

1 muffin, sliced in half



Salt pepper

Ketchup/hollaindaise sauce if you wish

Fill a pan about 3/4 to the top and boil. Once it’s started bubbling quite frantically take two large free range eggs (if they’re locally produced, even better) and crack each one in to a ramekin. Sprinkle a little vinegar and a pinch of salt in to your boiling water and quickly slide in one of your eggs. It’ll get really messy in the water, breaking off and eventually becoming a lot smaller. Proper cooks can combat this but try as I might mine never look ‘whole’ or rounded and if you struggle with this too hopefully my method will work for you.

Keep a close eye on your egg – I like mine really runny and soft so I struggle to let mine cook for longer than two minutes but if you like it a little sturdier you can take it to four.

Scoop out your egg with a ladle very carefully – you don’t want to split the yolk in the saucepan or lose precious white. Place in a bowl and cover with a tea towel while you do the second egg.

While your second egg is boiling cut a muffin in half and toast it. Lather with butter and layer with a slice of ham. I like the honey roast stuff you can buy from any good supermarket deli but wafer thin out of the packet, or *whisper it* bacon, works well too. Pop on your first egg and when the second is done slide that on too. Sprinkle with pepper and you’re done!

Unless you’re a hollaindaise obsesso too, in which case make sure you’ve got a batch of the stuff made up (I’ll pop a recipe up soon but the sachet and milk combo is similarly tasty) prior to fishing out your eggs and pour all over your completed muffins.

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