Slow cooked belly pork, rice & lemon yoghurt wraps

After making my slow cooked belly pork, ready to enjoy with some rice and greens my boyfriend requested wraps. So the *slightly* healthier option went out the window and I whipped up a little yoghurt dip and filled some soft tortillas.

To make the slow cooked belly pork click here. When that’s done come back here to assemble your wrap.

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Makes enough for 2-3

1 large tortilla per person

1/2 cup brown rice per person

4 large teaspoon Greek yogurt

1/2 lemon

Tabasco sauce

Jalapenos (optional)

Cook your rice and put to one side.

Mix your Greek yogurt with a couple of good squeezes of the lemon and a couple of drops of Tabasco. Taste and add extra if you want.

Warm your tortillas in the oven for a couple of minutes. You don’t want them to go crispy, just nice and toasty.

Divide the yogurt between your wraps, leaving a small dollop.

Divide the rice between your wraps.

Tear the pork in to smaller chunks and cover the rice. Now sprinkle with Jalapenos if you want a little extra kick in your wrap.

Drizzle a little of the juice from your pork-y dish over the filling and dollop the rest of your yoghurt on top of the pork.

Wrap and go!

Psst… I just used the leftover slow-cooked belly pork and teamed it with chilli jam and Stilton in a wrap and it was fantastic! If you’re looking for a less fussy alternative to the above I thoroughly recommend this.


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