Chipotle chicken, black bean and avocado burrito

I should do a series in Leftover Lunches – I’m a serial leftover eater when it comes to 12pm and I’m sat at my desk. Gone off veggies and past it meat is a thing of the past with me working near my own fridge! This week I conjured up this burrito with a few strips of chicken, the scrapings of some chipotle paste, 1/4 tin of black beans (that last little bit that everyone ends up throwing out) and some greens that were close to walking out of the kitchen unaided. And you know what, it was bloody tasty…

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Serves 1

1 wrap

2-3 slices of chicken

1 teaspoon chipotle paste

Handful spinach

1/4 tin black beans

2 tablespoon fat free yoghurt

Handful cheddar (grated)

1/2 avocado, chopped

Cook your chicken in a pan with the chipotle paste and when that’s cooked all the way through tip in the black beans and spinach. (Add some chillis here if you have any lurking in the back of your fridge!). Toast your wrap in the oven for a couple of minutes and then slather with yoghurt and your warm filling. Top with cheese and avocado, wrap and enjoy.

What’s your favourite leftover lunch?



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