Oreo milkshake!

Going to Shakeaway for an Oreo milkshake was the highlight of my Saturday afternoons as a kid and a tradition that never really stopped! Well, occasionally I’ll mix things up and go for Daim or Creme Egg..

If you’ve got a blender (seriously, you can get one from Tesco for under a tenner and it’ll do the job), I guarantee this will become a regular treat in your house!

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Makes 1

1/4 tub soft scoop ice cream

1/2 mug milk

3 Oreo cookies

Start by bashing your Oreos to pieces – pop them in a plastic bag and release all of your stress by whacking it with a rolling pin!

Add your ice cream and milk to a blender and then top with your Oreo crumbs. Whizz until the ice cream is smooth and the milk turns chocolate-y. If it’s a bit too thick add more milk or if you prefer it chunkier add some more ice cream.

Serve and sip!


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