Red wine risotto with chorizo, prosciutto and peas

If I had to serve a dish to someone of great culinary skill I’d probably cook them a risotto. I’ve cooked a creamy white wine, chicken and pepper risotto so many times it’s like second nature to me now; I need no recipe, just a glass or two of white wine and a little extra for the risotto itself and I’m away, in my own little  world of rice cooking. So I thought it was time to mix it up and trial a red wine risotto. I did my research, I looked up how to do it, which red wine was best, the all-important extras – mushrooms, beef, ham hock and peas were all popular – and then I threw caution to the wind, ignored all the advice and just went for it..

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Plenty for 2-3 people

You’ll need:

A little olive oil & a little butter

1 onion

1 glass of wine (+ one for yourself)

200g risotto rice

40g Parmesan

1 & 1/2 pints chicken stock

1/4 chorizo ring (be sure to peel the skin off)

3 slices prosciutto/parma ham

70g peas (I used frozen)

Heat a little butter and oil in a pan. When it starts to bubble, add the onion, finely chopped, and cook until soft and golden, not brown. Then add the rice. Keep stirring, until it becomes transparent, making sure it doesn’t stick to the pan.

Next, add the wine. I do this bit by bit: add a drop, stir and allow the rice to soak it up, add a drop more and so on until there is no more vino. Then I do the same with the chicken stock, adding it bit by bit. I started adding a pinch of Parmesan in between administering the stock here – I liked how it helped the texture thicken.

It will take around 20 minutes for the rice to absorb all of the stock so make sure you’ve got a glass for yourself on the go!

As your rice is absorbing the last lug of chicken stock, pour in the peas, chorizo and ham. The water makes the meat really soft and melt-y and will help to defrost the frozen peas.

Add the rest of the Parmesan and keep stirring till the consistency is gooey and a bit sticky.

Serve with a sprinkle of Parmesan and black pepper.


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