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4-ingredients-only banana pancake recipe

I don’t eat a lot of pancakes. Unless I’m in America, in which case I’ll take a stack every morning with a vat of maple syrup and bacon or it’s Pancake Day in the UK, where Alex and I will competitively eat homemade pancakes, both sweet and savoury, until one of us is near toilet-hugging territory. Bar these occasions, I can rarely muster the inclination to relearn how much mixture to put in the pan, when to flip it, how to flip it etc, to end up with just a few aesthetically-pleasing pancakes and a whole lot of mess. I comfort myself with the fact that they don’t make for the healthiest of breakfasts either.

Enter Banana Pancakes.

This banana pancake recipe is adapted from one I found in Good Food magazine (my fave mag in the whole world, you should subscribe like now!) and makes light, fluffy, sweet and delicious pancakes. I made 6 smallish pancakes out of this, but you could make a couple of big ones if you prefer. Unlike your usual pancakes, these don’t really need any toppings; they’re scrumptious enough. But if you enjoy everything in excess like me, why not try throwing on fresh strawberries, sunflower seeds, and *whispers*, a little maple syrup. The good quality expensive kind. It’s practically good for you. Any fruit would work, as would a bit of peanut butter or lemon juice. Go wild!

Healthy, hearty and hella good, this banana pancake recipe has converted me and it’s easy enough to whip up in the morning, even if you’re dashing off, and works as a much-better-for-you-than-ice cream alternative come dessert time. If you want to know how to make banana pancakes at home, with very little fuss and just 4 ingredients that you probably already have in, scroll past the picture below.


You’ll need

For the pancakes:

2 bananas (not too ripe, the ones on the way out are the best)

2 medium eggs

Pinch of baking powder

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Top with:

Fresh strawberries

Sunflower seeds

Maple syrup

Mash or blend the bananas. If you mash, do it until the bananas are a bright yellow, almost liquid, mush. If you blend (I used my NutriBullet), only do so for a second or two or the mixture will be too runny.

Stir in the eggs, baking powder and vanilla essence.

Get a pan nice and hot and drizzle in a generous layer of olive oil. Once it starts to spit a little, pour in one ladle of pancake mixture.

Poke at the edges with a spatula after 2 minutes and then flip over. Despite being very clumsy and having zero hand-eye coordination, I’d recommend flipping the pan rather than trying to turn over the pancake, as the latter method tends to lead to breakage. But hey, it’s your kitchen.

Another minute on the other side and your pancake is ready for serving. Cook the next lot straight afterwards, pile them high and layer with strawberries and seeds. Finish with maple syrup and tuck in.

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