Baked brie with marmalade

This is less of a recipe for how to make your own baked brie at home and more of a reminder that that’s a really great idea and something you should do immediately. Especially if you have people over. We used a 1kg brie, so other people were needed. As was a make-shift tin foil bed because otherwise there would have been more gooey goodness on the bottom of the oven than in my mouth, and that is not a scenario I was willing to live.

There’s absolutely nothing tricky about baking a brie or indeed, serving up a baked brie with marmalade. There’s no recipe really, just a few instructions. The hardest bit is finding a 1kg brie – I would recommend looking at Macro or your local farmer’s market. You can also order one online at M&S and House of Cheese. Of course, you can opt for a smaller brie but these tend to come in wedges rather than rounds, which is less aesthetically pleasing and more difficult to scoop from as a collective group. Our big marmalade-topped brie was more than enough for 6 of us.


Once you’re in possession of your brie wheel and have crafted a sturdy oven-proof home for it, it’s simple. You’ll need to carefully slice the top layer of rind off the brie, making sure you don’t take too much of the filling with it. Then, top it with a generous layer of your favourite marmalade. I think the zingier the better to really complement the creaminess of the cheese, but it’s your call. Leave the brie out on the side for about 10 minutes and then pop it (on a tray) into a pre-heated oven at 180 for 10 minutes. Check it after this time and as long as the middle hasn’t collapsed in on itself, give it another 2-5 minutes.

Serve it with lots of fresh crusty bread (and spoons). It’ll be thicker than a baked camembert but much creamier with a good amount of cheesy, stringy-ness when you dive in (as demonstrated by my glamorous assistant below). Enjoy!

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