How to make Dishoom’s breakfast naan

How amazing is Dishoom’s bacon and egg naan? I mean, Indian for breakfast – what’s not to like (but also, who’d have thunk it!?).

Usually, I have breakfast at home because well, I’m never up in time to head out for it and even at the weekend the London-based eatery stops serving that delicious bacon and egg breakfast naan pretty early (for a lazy Saturday anyway…). So, I went about concocting my own version of the infamous bacon and egg naan with chilli jam. No need to get up or get out of your pyjamas!

I give you my chorizo and egg naan with chilli pesto!

Alex is a dab hand at bread, so he actually made this buttery naan for my chorizo and egg breakfast naan recipe but you can just buy yours from the shop if effort levels are at an all-time low. I’ve also swapped the bacon for chorizo because I wanted to make it a bit different from (IMHO) the best breakfast in London. Also, if mine was too similar I fear I’d never convince anyone to take me for the real thing. Plus, can you think of anything chorizo doesn’t make great? Didn’t think so.

Other small twists include my preference for a big fat egg. I went for an XL egg because I like it to fill the whole naan when I roll it and a double the yolk is double the fun. And instead of chilli jam, I went for chilli pesto. Sacla’s chilli pesto and Sainsbury’s own brand are both good.

Scroll down for my quick and incredibly easy chorizo and egg breakfast naan how to!

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Makes 1

You’ll need:

1/8 chorizo ring, skin removed and chopped

1 XL free range egg

1 naan

1 tablespoon chilli pesto

Get a drizzle of olive oil nice and hot in a pan and fry the chorizo until slightly crisp. Remove from the pan and set aside on a sheet of kitchen roll.

Pop the naan in the oven for as long as instructed and when it’s cooked spread the chilli pesto on top of it and serve on a plate while you fry the egg. I did my egg in the tasty chorizo oil for extra flavour (and minimal pan washing). It should only take a minute or two for a bright white egg with a runny orange yolk to materialise.

Place the egg on the naan and add the chorizo. Serve with a sprinkle of black pepper, some chopped fresh coriander and a dollop of sour cream. Skip the knife and fork and simply roll and devour.

Are you a fan of Dishoom’s breakfast menu? What’s your favourite breakfast in London?

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