cheddar and chilli pancakes, cheese and jalepeno pancakes, savoury pancake ideas, pancake day recipes, how to make cheddar crepes

Cheddar and green chilli pancakes {Savoury ideas for Pancake Day!}

We take Pancake Day seriously in this house. Usually, we set up savoury and sweet stations and keep flipping till we pop, but this year, due to a scheduling issue – we’re off to see Bill Burr for the 300th time tonight – the batter was mixed a day early and we stuck with just the one flavour. Of course, it was still 10/10 OTT and came with a side of homemade G.F.C (that’s Gem’s Fried Chicken – move over Colonel!).

Making my cheese and chilli pancakes is super easy and you’ve probably already got all the ingredients in, perfect for tonight’s festivities. The only thing you might have to get is buttermilk, and while you don’t have to – normal milk, but a smidge less than the recipe suggests, also works – it really does make them creamier and fluffier.

My fried chicken recipe calls for a day of marinating, so plan ahead if you want that addition, or buy some of those Birds Eye fillets, which are actually pretty nice. The Southern-style ones? I know Ocado do them 😉

cheddar and chilli pancakes, cheese and jalepeno pancakes, savoury pancake ideas, pancake day recipes, how to make cheddar crepes

Make 6-8

You’ll need:

1 small mug plain flour

1 small mug buttermilk

3 medium eggs

1/2 mug cheddar, grated

Pinch of salt & sugar

4-5 green chillis, sliced

Mix everything except the chilli together in a big bowl till smooth-ish.

Get a pan nice and hot, add butter, let it start to brown and then pour in half a ladle of batter.

While cooking, sprinkle a few chilli slices on the uncooked side, flip and cook that side. 1-2 minutes on each side is usually enough, but you’ll be able to tell.

If the butter gets too dark while you’re doing the rest of the batch, pour it away, wipe and melt some more butter before continuing. It’s also fine not too, but you’ll find your pancakes are browning much quicker and can look a bit dirty.

To serve, I thoroughly recommend maple syrup. I LOVE that salty-sweet combo the American’s are so fond of, but you could also go for soured cream for a more Mexican vibe, hot sauce or a sprinkling of Parmesan.


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