easy tiramisu recipe, how to make quick tiramisu, italian dessert ideas, coffee puddings

A very easy Tiramisu recipe

My favourite desserts go something like this: Sticky Toffee Pudding (with extra sauce and vanilla ice cream), Tiramisu (in an Italian restaurant) and Hot Fudge Sundae (if you’ll allow me to be incredibly specific, the ‘Rocky Horror’ sundae I used to have on birthdays at the Cooper Dean Harvester in Bournemouth). I’d love to know your top three puds?

Anyway, let’s focus on sweet treat numeral deux. I’m am highly likely to order Tiramisu when we eat out but rarely make it at home. I think I’d convinced myself it was a real labour of love or took too long or something. But after a little research – and a prompt from BBC Good Food, who made it their Best Ever recipe last month – I put it on Sunday night’s menu.

In short, you mix together the cream, mascarpone, alcohol and sugar, soak some sponge fingers in coffee and then layer. There’s some grated chocolate along the way too. Simple, eh? And, yes it does ideally need some time to settle, but we only waited a few hours and it was delish, so you can be a bit last minute about it. I made mine in a big dish, but you could just as easily serve it in individual ramekins of martini glasses, you’d just need to trim the sponge fingers, but otherwise, you’re basically making a creamy, coffee-laced trifle!

easy tiramisu recipe, how to make quick tiramisu, italian dessert ideas, coffee puddings

You’ll need:

250g mascarpone

568ml double cream

6 tbsp golden caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

100ml dessert wine – or rum if you have that handy instead

1 pack (around 200g) sponge fingers – the better quality ones will stay a bit firmer when they’re soaked, which I like

450ml coffee (use 2 heaped tbsp coffee granules)

100g Dairy Milk chocolate

Whisk the mascarpone, double cream, sugar, vanilla and dessert wine together until thick, like clotted cream.

Pour the coffee into a shallow dish or Tupperware, and then one by one, soak HALF the sponge fingers in it. A couple of seconds is plenty as they’ll quickly absorb the coffee and become mushy. I used a small pair of tongs and transferred them to my dish, lined up in rows straight away.

Spoon half of the cream mixture onto the base layer of sponge fingers and smooth so there are no gaps.

Grate half of the chocolate over the top, then do another layer of coffee-soaked sponge fingers, cream and finish on grated chocolate. So, to be clear, there are two layers in total, unless you want to do your own thing with small vessels or glasses.


Leave it in the fridge for a minimum of two hours and serve in generous slabs.

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