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About Plates and Places

After years of not being able to peel a spud, I’ve discovered a love of cooking. That’s led to a kitchen bursting at the seams with gadgets, gizmos, Tupperware and tableware, an incurable eating-out habit, and an exciting travel itinerary – all in the pursuit of new cultures and cuisine. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it! Herein lie the plates I’ve created and sampled so far!

If you’re one of those rare visitors to P&P that I don’t know IRL: Hi, I’m Gemma. 29 years young, Aries, resident of South-East London and lover of sheep (seriously), wine (I want to say RED but actually, white is starting to tickle my tastebuds) and trawling RightMove for houses I can’t afford. I’m just as likely to crave truffle pasta and beef wellington as a Cheesestring or Pepperami (flamin’ hot, always) and anticipate a weekend at home-home in Bournemouth as much as two weeks travelling around California. Well, almost.

Reviews, affiliates and free stuff

Every single review you see here took place at a restaurant I or my dining partners have chosen to eat at. Sometimes exciting new eating establishments, pop-ups and foodie brands invite me for a nibble but I can assure you, this does not sway my opinion. You may suspect otherwise because my reviews tend to err on the gushy side but that’s simply because I want Plates and Places to be a positive space and thus don’t share the not-so-good stuff. If it doesn’t taste nice, you won’t find it here. Occasionally I use affiliate links when linking to a product I like, have tried or want to talk about. If you don’t know how affiliate links work a quick Google will explain much better than I can, but in a nutshell, when you click and buy something I link you to, I will receive a very small commission. It’s usually pennies but every little helps when it comes to keeping P&P running. I’m always open to collaborations, we’ll just have to think the same and like the same food ๐Ÿ˜‰

Any questions? Pop me an email:

Gem x

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