Wagon Wheel recipe {inc. how to make your own marshmallow fluff}

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Happy Great British Bake Off season! I love when GBBO hits our screens for many reasons. It marks the beginning of the end of summer and by this point, I fancy me some bed socks and darker evenings where you can’t do anything but stay in, in front of the TV. That was just reason […]

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REVIEW: Parsis Cafe, Leamington Spa

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It can be tricky to write a review for a restaurant where during your dinner you were so shitfaced you avoided going to the toilet for fear of falling down the stairs and being rushed to A&E in a town you don’t know very well. But here we are. Okay, it wasn’t *that* bad, but […]

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Ice cream sandwiches

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These aren’t just any ice cream sandwiches, oh no. They’re Rolo and Ferrero Rocher ice cream sandwiches, held together by one brown sugar and milk chocolate chip cookie and one double chocolate with white chocolate chip cookie. The ice cream is no-churn so there’s no need for an ice cream maker or eggs and the […]

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Rare rump steak with pesto and asparagus gnocchi

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This dish is perfect for a Friday night in or if you’ve got someone coming over for dinner and want to impress without having to spend hours in the kitchen. Rare rump steak with pesto, asparagus and tomato gnocchi – served with a really punchy red, perhaps – might sound fancy, but it’s super easy […]

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An indulgent and egg-free chocolate mousse recipe

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Google ‘chocolate mousse recipes’ and most of the results involve eggs and a lot of faff. This chocolate mousse recipe is different. It has just three ingredients (none of which are eggs), takes less than 10 minutes to make and a couple of hours to set and is friggin’ delicious. Light but not too airy […]

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Salted caramel and banana loaf

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I had a bunch of past-their-best bananas and half a jar of salted caramel that needed using up. Put ’em together and what do you get? A pretty damn indulgent take on what’s meant to be a marginally good-for-you take on baked goods. Mission accomplished. This is the way to pimp your banana bread and […]

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Roast rump of lamb with Epoisses-cheese risotto and gravy

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It’s been a while since I’ve written up a recipe. This is in part due to the heat – I’m eating exclusively oven-less meals and cannot bear to be at my whirring warmth-machine of a laptop when I don’t have to – and partly because I have felt quite uninspired. But I’m back! Today, I […]

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Chilli jam

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I’ve been boring my boyfriend to death for weeks, telling him I want to make my own chilli jam. In my head, I’d already dreamed up my small business venture, selling preserves and sauces, all made by me, at London farmer’s markets and making a fortune. The fact that I’d never made jam, or anything […]

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5 things to do in Bologna (and one thing you should definitely avoid)

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It’s getting a bit old but that doesn’t make it any less true: Bologna is the foodie capital of Italy. And as well as ample eating experiences, there are also ample drinking experiences. Okay, okay, and great shopping, cobbled streets brimming with ancient architecture, lots of greenery (if you know where to look) and beautiful […]

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Lemon and blueberry muffins with crunchy sugar tops

Fluffy. Crunchy. Sweet and tart. This mighty muffin recipe has it all! And it is hands-down one of the easiest ones I’ve done. If you’ve got last-minute guests or feel a sugar craving creeping in, these are your guys. Makes 6 large muffins You’ll need: 75g butter, melted 100g caster sugar 1 shot glass lemon […]

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Chorizo and coriander scotch egg

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Picnic food is my absolute fave. I am genuinely just as happy at a schmancy restaurant as I am with snacking sausages. Mini quiches, pork pies, and of course, scotch eggs, are my weakness all year round. I’m either setting them out on a blanket in a park in the summer or popping them on […]

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Bacon, cheddar and chive waffles

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You’ll need a waffle iron for this recipe. And if you don’t have a waffle iron, you’ll want one after reading this recipe… Waffles are great. Agreed? Agreed. Well, waffles laced with bits of smoky, crispy bacon, extra-strong cheddar and fresh chives direct from my Dad’s balcony (also available from all good supermarkets) are even […]

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A Paris restaurant recommendation: L’Ebauchoir

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It’s safe to say we ate well on our last trip to gay Paris. There wasn’t a bad restaurant amongst the lot of ’em (and there were a lot of them!) but one that really stood out was L’Ebauchoir. I found L’Ebauchoir by keeping my Google search terms pretty specific: ‘traditional French restaurants near Bastille’, […]

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Butternut squash, pancetta and blue cheese risotto

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I’m writing this the night before we go to Paris (eeeee!) and that’s not just a humble brag, it’s relevant in that it explains why I even considered using a half-used tub of Waitrose butternut squash soup to make this risotto: it was part of my ceremonial fridge-clear-out-before-a-holiday. I can’t bear to throw stuff away. […]

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How to make cauliflower cheese {TRIPLE-cheese cauliflower cheese that is!}

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Of course, my recipe for cauliflower cheese includes three cheeses. Of course, it does! Up until last Sunday, my dad made the best cauliflower cheese in all the land, but I’m pretty confident the crown is now mine. Soz Daddy Press. I did steal a tip or two from the master – grate the stalk […]

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7 things to do in Lyon

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There are way more than seven things to do in Lyon, but if you’re short on time and want to tick off some of the lesser known must-dos, consider this your checklist… Les Halles de Lyon This indoor food market is a little on the touristy side but like Borough or Broadway market in London, […]

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The Fake {Chocolate Milk} Shake

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I’ve tried sweet potato brownies, I’ve replaced my rice with cauliflower and I’ve bought smaller, coloured plates (it’s supposed to stop you loading up on so much and yet still fill full *eye roll*). All of the above are healthy alternatives, and none of the above makes me a happy person. This fake chocolate milkshake? […]

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Turkey meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce with harissa yoghurt and jalapenos

homemade turkey meatballs, spicy turkey meatballs recipe, best turkey meatballs recipe, how to make turkey meatballs

This is the only turkey meatball recipe you’ll ever need. The result is supremely succulent – almost melt-in-the-mouth-y – comforting but not so much so that you’ll need a nap post-feed, and suitably spicy. And if you falteredĀ at the ‘turkey’ bit, let me assure you – as a self-confessed turkey naysayer – that these are […]

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REVIEW: San Lorenzo, Wimbledon

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Should you find yourself in Wimbledon over the next week or so – I hear the tennis is quite good šŸ˜‰Ā šŸŽ¾Ā – I’ve got a great foodie recommendation… San Lorenzo is an independent Italian restaurant in Wimbledon, a mere 2 minutes away from the station. It’s refined but unflashy, contemporary but not in an overbearing way, […]

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Fresh and fiery home-made guacamole

how to make easy fiery chilli guacamole recipe

I could eat avocado all day long. Filled with an egg, baked and sprinkled with paprika for breakfast, mashed on a well-oiledĀ ciabattaĀ for lunch, betwixt a bun with honey-glazed chicken and lettuce leaves at the end of a hard day, and even with a little balsamic vinegar drizzled on top and eaten straight from the skin […]

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Salted caramel brownies with salted caramel-dunked pretzels

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I realise it’s pretty basic to say love salted caramel, but it really is the cat’s pyjamas… Last weekend, I made my own salted caramel – you know, just to have – and thought I’d best put it to use pronto to avoid actually eating it from the saucepan with a spoon. Enter my double […]

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The best boutique hotel in Amsterdam

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I’ve been to Amsterdam a couple of times and I’ve stayed in accommodation that spans the spectrum – including a hotel with glass walls around the shower and full view of the toilet from the bed! – so it is with great confidence that I recommend my most recent home away from home in the […]

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The Dream Terrine {Recipe}

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Put a menu with terrine on in it in front of me, and rest assured I’ll take you up on a slice of meaty loaf. I’ve wanted to make my own homemade terrine recipe for ages but I always convinced myself it was too much agro, too expensive and too icky – I’m not a […]

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