Lentil, bean and pea cassoulet with a perfectly fried egg and harissa creme fraiche

veggie cassoulet, vegetarian stew, lentil and bean casserole, brunch ideas with beans, fried egg and lentils

Comforting, meaty (yet meatless!) hodge-podgey casseroles are my jam at the moment. For dinner with sausages (have now sampled Linda’s veggie version and can report that they’re pretty good) or like this at breakfast/brunch with a fried egg and some hash browns, ooh and buttered white bread to mop up the sauce… it’s delicious. Basically, […]

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Cheddar and green chilli pancakes {Savoury ideas for Pancake Day!}

cheddar and chilli pancakes, cheese and jalepeno pancakes, savoury pancake ideas, pancake day recipes, how to make cheddar crepes

We take Pancake Day seriously in this house. Usually, we set up savoury and sweet stations and keep flipping till we pop, but this year, due to a scheduling issue – we’re off to see Bill Burr for the 300th time tonight – the batter was mixed a day early and we stuck with just […]

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{Brunch ideas} Sweetcorn and leek fritters with bacon, avocado and harissa yoghurt

At home or in a restaurant, with vats of strong coffee or bottomless mimosas, I’m a big fan of brunch. I like the anything-goes attitude: familiar brekkie-regulars like eggs or faff-free muesli are fine, but so too are burgers and fried chicken, laboured over and dressed up with creamy sauces, spicy coats and truffle shavings. […]

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Salted caramel and banana loaf

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I had a bunch of past-their-best bananas and half a jar of salted caramel that needed using up. Put ’em together and what do you get? A pretty damn indulgent take on what’s meant to be a marginally good-for-you take on baked goods. Mission accomplished. This is the way to pimp your banana bread and […]

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Bacon, cheddar and chive waffles

cheese and bacon waffles, cheese and chive waffles, easy waffle recipe, waffles with bacon bits, how to make waffles at home

You’ll need a waffle iron for this recipe. And if you don’t have a waffle iron, you’ll want one after reading this recipe… Waffles are great. Agreed? Agreed. Well, waffles laced with bits of smoky, crispy bacon, extra-strong cheddar and fresh chives direct from my Dad’s balcony (also available from all good supermarkets) are even […]

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The Fake {Chocolate Milk} Shake

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I’ve tried sweet potato brownies, I’ve replaced my rice with cauliflower and I’ve bought smaller, coloured plates (it’s supposed to stop you loading up on so much and yet still fill full *eye roll*). All of the above are healthy alternatives, and none of the above makes me a happy person. This fake chocolate milkshake? […]

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The most decadent bacon sandwich you’ve ever eaten

the best bacon sandwich recipe, the most decadent bacon sandwich, bacon sandwich with eggy bread, how to make eggy bread, breakfast ideas, breakfast recipes, brunch recipes, food blogger, plates and places

We do weekend breakfasts in a big way around here. All calorie counting goes out the window, and butter is considered a main ingredient. Grease is not dabbed away with a fresh piece of kitchen towel, and small plates are disregarded – only great platters the size of your face will do. Understandably, the bacon […]

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Blueberry and raspberry oat bar bites

healthy blueberry and raspberry oat bar bites

There are two distinct categories of people. Those who eat breakfast and those who don’t. I love breakfast. It’s one of my faves (along with lunch, dinner, and supper), and my mood and work is considerably better when I have it. HOWEVER, I am time-poor in the mornings, largely through my own inefficiency and a […]

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The best brunch spot in New York: The Butcher’s Daughter, Nolita

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My list of places to eat in New York far outweighed my list of places to see. But I have been before, so I felt it was only fair that I move my attention away from viewing decks and shopping malls and on to buffets and brunches… Top of my must-visit roster was a vegan […]

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How to make Dishoom’s breakfast naan

How amazing is Dishoom’s bacon and egg naan? I mean, Indian for breakfast – what’s not to like (but also, who’d have thunk it!?). Usually, I have breakfast at home because well, I’m never up in time to head out for it and even at the weekend the London-based eatery stops serving that delicious bacon […]

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Brunch time: Eggs and chorizo

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Brunch. It’s fast becoming my favourite meal of the day. A meal where it’s acceptable to eat two meals’ worth of food AND drink alcohol? HELLO. I’m going to do a post on my favourite brunch spots in London soon because all of the above + someone else cooking it and doing the washing up […]

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4-ingredients-only banana pancake recipe

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I don’t eat a lot of pancakes. Unless I’m in America, in which case I’ll take a stack every morning with a vat of maple syrup and bacon or it’s Pancake Day in the UK, where Alex and I will competitively eat homemade pancakes, both sweet and savoury, until one of us is near toilet-hugging […]

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The perfect breakfast

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A bold statement, I realise. But this really is my perfect breakfast. You know, the kind of dish that you’ve spent many a Saturday morning (slash early afternoon, to my hungry boyfriend’s annoyance) perfecting. The kind of breakfast you’ll serve anyone who stays over, ’cause it looks quite good and tastes bloody brilliant. The kind of breakfast […]

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Overnight oats with goji berries, cranberry, banana, apple and pumpkin seeds

It’s a bit of a mouthful, I’ll give you that. And to be honest you can top your overnight oats with whatever you want but this plentiful combination is my favourite for energy and taste at the beginning of a busy day. If you’ve never tried making overnight oats before give the below recipe a […]

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Baked egg in avocado

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A hearty and healthy breakfast or a fuss-free lunch I have this dish at least once a week (availability of free range eggs at our terrible local Tesco depending). You only need a few main ingredients and then you can really make your avocado and egg combo as snazzy as you like. I’ve popped some […]

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Crispy bacon rarebit

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For those who have no idea what rarebit is (me until a trip to Betty’s in Harrogate a few days ago) – it’s like posh cheese on toast. Often with ‘Welsh’ in front of it, slightly more complicated and a hell of a lot more tasty but that’s the general idea. Fancy giving it a […]

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Eggs Benedict… or the Idiot’s Guide To Poaching Eggs

Since working from home (I’m a freelance writer over here), I’ve really gotten in to breakfast. I try to go healthy with lots of fruit, yoghurt, eggs, avocado etc but it doesn’t always work out that way (HELLO BACON AND BRIE SANDWICH). This one isn’t too naughty, unless like me you slather a whole sachet […]

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