The Fake {Chocolate Milk} Shake

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I’ve tried sweet potato brownies, I’ve replaced my rice with cauliflower and I’ve bought smaller, coloured plates (it’s supposed to stop you loading up on so much and yet still fill full *eye roll*). All of the above are healthy alternatives, and none of the above makes me a happy person. This fake chocolate milkshake? […]

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Porn Star Martini

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I am obsessed with this tipple right now. Our nights out are largely planned around where Gemma can get a Porn Star Martini. FYI All Bar One make a nice one, Revs’ is okay but Angelica’s in Leeds is I’ve been practicing getting mine just like the lovely people at Angelica’s and I think […]

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Oreo milkshake!

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Going to Shakeaway for an Oreo milkshake was the highlight of my Saturday afternoons as a kid and a tradition that never really stopped! Well, occasionally I’ll mix things up and go for Daim or Creme Egg.. If you’ve got a blender (seriously, you can get one from Tesco for under a tenner and it’ll […]

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Agua de Valencia

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Come rain or shine this juicy concoction will bring a little sunny Spain to you. For me this tipple has a lot of happy memories; one of our favourite restaurants in Sheffield (sadly, now closed down – support your independents people!), had this lovely little terrace and in the summer lots would go on in […]

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