{Brunch ideas} Sweetcorn and leek fritters with bacon, avocado and harissa yoghurt

At home or in a restaurant, with vats of strong coffee or bottomless mimosas, I’m a big fan of brunch. I like the anything-goes attitude: familiar brekkie-regulars like eggs or faff-free muesli are fine, but so too are burgers and fried chicken, laboured over and dressed up with creamy sauces, spicy coats and truffle shavings. […]

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The Fake {Chocolate Milk} Shake

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I’ve tried sweet potato brownies, I’ve replaced my rice with cauliflower and I’ve bought smaller, coloured plates (it’s supposed to stop you loading up on so much and yet still fill full *eye roll*). All of the above are healthy alternatives, and none of the above makes me a happy person. This fake chocolate milkshake? […]

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Turkey meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce with harissa yoghurt and jalapenos

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This is the only turkey meatball recipe you’ll ever need. The result is supremely succulent – almost melt-in-the-mouth-y – comforting but not so much so that you’ll need a nap post-feed, and suitably spicy. And if you faltered at the ‘turkey’ bit, let me assure you – as a self-confessed turkey naysayer – that these are […]

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Fresh and fiery home-made guacamole

how to make easy fiery chilli guacamole recipe

I could eat avocado all day long. Filled with an egg, baked and sprinkled with paprika for breakfast, mashed on a well-oiled ciabatta for lunch, betwixt a bun with honey-glazed chicken and lettuce leaves at the end of a hard day, and even with a little balsamic vinegar drizzled on top and eaten straight from the skin […]

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The most decadent bacon sandwich you’ve ever eaten

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We do weekend breakfasts in a big way around here. All calorie counting goes out the window, and butter is considered a main ingredient. Grease is not dabbed away with a fresh piece of kitchen towel, and small plates are disregarded – only great platters the size of your face will do. Understandably, the bacon […]

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Blueberry and raspberry oat bar bites

healthy blueberry and raspberry oat bar bites

There are two distinct categories of people. Those who eat breakfast and those who don’t. I love breakfast. It’s one of my faves (along with lunch, dinner, and supper), and my mood and work is considerably better when I have it. HOWEVER, I am time-poor in the mornings, largely through my own inefficiency and a […]

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Homemade butternut squash and chilli soup

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A tin of soup from the supermarket costs about a £1 for a single serving and is full of sneaky salt and probably not all that tasty. This homemade butternut squash soup recipe costs about 40p per serving and makes enough for FOUR servings, making it ideal for bigger groups, particularly hungry boyfriends or leftovers-lovers […]

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4-ingredients-only banana pancake recipe

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I don’t eat a lot of pancakes. Unless I’m in America, in which case I’ll take a stack every morning with a vat of maple syrup and bacon or it’s Pancake Day in the UK, where Alex and I will competitively eat homemade pancakes, both sweet and savoury, until one of us is near toilet-hugging […]

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Sweet potato and chicken curry

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This is a super quick and easy mid-week meal, so I won’t rabbit on as usual. I’ll just give it to you straight. Here’s my simple sweet potato and chicken curry recipe, which serves 3 or 4 people… You’ll need: 3 chicken breast 1 cup natural yogurt 2 large sweet potato, chopped 2 large onions, […]

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Fig, feta and pomegranate salad

Who knew figs were so tasty? I mean, I know I’m partial to a (packet of) fig rolls, but I never really associated the fruit with the sweet snack, and I know they look and sound delightful on Waitrose’s cool shelf, but I’ve never known what to do with them, or even really fancied them […]

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Red chilli sweet potato mash

sweet potato and chilli mash recipe

Cooking ain’t all about the schmancy. My everyday cooking is so far from schmancy. And I know from pre-5.30pm chats with co-workers, that knowing what to have for tea, something that’s not too bad for you but not too tricky, or a ‘something’ to go with the standard chicken or pork or Quorn main, is troublesome. […]

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Lemon and garlic roast chicken (aka my first ever roast chicken!)

I can make my own pasta from scratch, make brownies that are the perfect combination of fudgy and firm and tell whether an avocado is ripe just by looking at it. But I’ve never roasted a chicken. I’m a hardened meat eater but I’m yet to earn my stripes when it comes to dealing with […]

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Chicken korma curry from scratch

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Chopping onions and garlic and then adding them to a combination of chicken and shop-bought curry sauce or paste and chopped tomatoes, is great. But it’s not cooking a curry from scratch. And believe me, you can really taste the difference. This recipe, which is adapted from a Hairy Bikers one I read some time […]

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Overnight oats with goji berries, cranberry, banana, apple and pumpkin seeds

It’s a bit of a mouthful, I’ll give you that. And to be honest you can top your overnight oats with whatever you want but this plentiful combination is my favourite for energy and taste at the beginning of a busy day. If you’ve never tried making overnight oats before give the below recipe a […]

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Baked egg in avocado

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A hearty and healthy breakfast or a fuss-free lunch I have this dish at least once a week (availability of free range eggs at our terrible local Tesco depending). You only need a few main ingredients and then you can really make your avocado and egg combo as snazzy as you like. I’ve popped some […]

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Watermelon, ham & feta salad

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Writing this I realise that even my salad-y type dishes involve a bit of meat – I am a meataholic! Often a home-made meal doesn’t feel right to me without at least a slither of the hard stuff, I promise to do something a bit more veggie-friendly soon though! Anyway, I digress. This week we […]

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Greek couscous with chicken, feta, olives & tzatziki

I can’t take credit for this one as this was one of my boyfriend, Alex’s creations. And he can’t wholly take credit for it either because it was inspired by Jamie Oliver’s recipe here. I’m sure Alex’s would give the Naked Chef’s a run for its money though as it really was delicious! It’s a […]

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Stuffed peppers

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This dish is SO easy and perfect if like me you’re mindful of the amount of white bread and pasta you eat just because it holds your meat together. Using juicy bell peppers as your mince vessels and a bit of brown rice to bind it this is a relatively healthy dish that can be […]

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Pear, Parma ham and blue cheese salad

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I’m not an ‘order a salad in a restaurant’ kind of a girl. I rarely buy one instead of a sarnie at lunch either – I’m just not into salads for mains. Sides, fine. But as my actual dinner? Naah. Unless said salad features fresh, earthy rocket, baked pears, Parma ham and crumbs of Yorkshire […]

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Home-made chunky salsa

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Salsa and guacamole and yoghurt dip are things we usually just buy in a tub but I find it never tastes quite how I like it and it’s jam-packed with salts and general badness. Turns out it’s really easy to just to make your own! If you’ve got a passion for salsa here’s my quick, […]

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Banana and raspberry muffins

The moister the better when it comes to my muffins. Now, now… I can’t stand (see: will eat at a slightly reduced rate), crisp or thick cakes or muffins. My banana and raspberry muffins are light and fluffy and a tad on the zingy side. They even taste a bit healthy and there’s not too much […]

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