Fresh and fiery home-made guacamole

how to make easy fiery chilli guacamole recipe

I could eat avocado all day long. Filled with an egg, baked and sprinkled with paprika for breakfast, mashed on a well-oiled ciabatta for lunch, betwixt a bun with honey-glazed chicken and lettuce leaves at the end of a hard day, and even with a little balsamic vinegar drizzled on top and eaten straight from the skin […]

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Pork and apple risotto with truffle balsamic and avocado

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I’ve always wanted to be the kind of cook who can walk into the kitchen, not having been to the supermarket, and rustle something up from whatever’s in the fridge or on top of the cupboard. I’m also a budding leftover enthusiast, whether that means taking last night’s tea to work or using up extra […]

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The perfect breakfast

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A bold statement, I realise. But this really is my perfect breakfast. You know, the kind of dish that you’ve spent many a Saturday morning (slash early afternoon, to my hungry boyfriend’s annoyance) perfecting. The kind of breakfast you’ll serve anyone who stays over, ’cause it looks quite good and tastes bloody brilliant. The kind of breakfast […]

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Baked egg in avocado

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A hearty and healthy breakfast or a fuss-free lunch I have this dish at least once a week (availability of free range eggs at our terrible local Tesco depending). You only need a few main ingredients and then you can really make your avocado and egg combo as snazzy as you like. I’ve popped some […]

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