Roast rump of lamb with Epoisses-cheese risotto and gravy

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It’s been a while since I’ve written up a recipe. This is in part due to the heat – I’m eating exclusively oven-less meals and cannot bear to be at my whirring warmth-machine of a laptop when I don’t have to – and partly because I have felt quite uninspired. But I’m back! Today, I […]

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Chorizo and coriander scotch egg

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Picnic food is my absolute fave. I am genuinely just as happy at a schmancy restaurant as I am with snacking sausages. Mini quiches, pork pies, and of course, scotch eggs, are my weakness all year round. I’m either setting them out on a blanket in a park in the summer or popping them on […]

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REVIEW: The Tame Hare, Leamington Spa

It’s not all about London, y’all… A couple of weekends ago, we took a trip to Leamington Spa to see some friends (hi, Mike!). We had a fab time playing games – girls are infinitely better at Articulate, it turns out – drinking lots of wine, and stuffing our faces. There were several face-stuffing sessions, but […]

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Slow-cooked ox cheek goulash

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In celebration of my ox cheek goulash recipe being published in Voucherbox’s new e-book, I’m re-sharing it with you lovely lot. The team at Voucherbox wanted to create a collection of 22 recipes that didn’t break the bank, and I was more than happy to let my low-cost goulash recipe out into the world. Did […]

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The only chocolate cake recipe you need

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This is the BEST chocolate cake you will ever eat. I’ve made it approximately 10 times, and not once have I been able to snap a picture of the whole thing before someone snaffled a slice. It looks the part and it bloody well tastes it too. It’s SUPER chocolate-y, not just a bit chocolate […]

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The most decadent bacon sandwich you’ve ever eaten

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We do weekend breakfasts in a big way around here. All calorie counting goes out the window, and butter is considered a main ingredient. Grease is not dabbed away with a fresh piece of kitchen towel, and small plates are disregarded – only great platters the size of your face will do. Understandably, the bacon […]

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Red wine-braised lamb shanks with cheesy polenta

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Oooooooh it just sounds hearty and winter-appropriate, doesn’t it!? I hadn’t cooked lamb shanks before this recipe, but I’ve eaten my fair share and I think they’re utterly underrated. When they’re cooked low and slow like here, they’re just as good as slow-cooked beef and have heaps of flavour. And you don’t have to treat them […]

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Tartiflette with chicken

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I saw a poster for apres-ski staple, tartiflette a couple of months back on the tube. The advert was actually about travelling to the French Alps with some low-budget airline, but the picture depicting a cheesy one-pot wonder was what lured me in (unsurprisingly) and after a little research (see: Googling ‘what the hell is […]

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Easy chicken jalfrezi recipe

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This isn’t actually my chicken jalfrezi recipe. I pinched it from the Hairy Bikers – favourites of mine in particular for their fail-safe and relatively healthy curry recipes – and changed it a tiny bit. Mostly, I changed it because I can’t leave anything alone, but also because the recipe was written in a quite […]

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The best brunch spot in New York: The Butcher’s Daughter, Nolita

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My list of places to eat in New York far outweighed my list of places to see. But I have been before, so I felt it was only fair that I move my attention away from viewing decks and shopping malls and on to buffets and brunches… Top of my must-visit roster was a vegan […]

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Ox cheek goulash

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Ox cheek goulash is such a favourite of mine that in my last job, I was referred to by more than one colleague as ‘Goulash Girl’. Not only am I a fan of the meaty winter warmer, but I’m also quite vocal in my adoration… Goulash originated in Hungary, and is traditionally a soup-y, stew-y dish […]

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What to eat in Florence, Italy

Pasta, pizza and coffee are all a given when it comes to eating out in Florence, and if you’re planning a trip, you’ll no doubt be hoping to fill your days with all of them. But if you want to really taste Italy, you need to try the city’s more specialist edibles, the things the locals […]

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Brunch time: Eggs and chorizo

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Brunch. It’s fast becoming my favourite meal of the day. A meal where it’s acceptable to eat two meals’ worth of food AND drink alcohol? HELLO. I’m going to do a post on my favourite brunch spots in London soon because all of the above + someone else cooking it and doing the washing up […]

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Shepherd’s pie with shredded lamb, harissa and olives

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I’m writing this from Poole, where the weather is rather lovely! I’m sat on my Dad’s balcony and once I’ve finished I’m going to go for a dip in the swimming pool. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it… (Update: it took me so long to post this that I am now […]

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A really easy recipe for Potatatoes Boulangeres

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If I *had* to choose one cuisine to eat for the rest of my days, I’d probably go French. Steak. Frites. Casserole. Coq au Vin. Boeuf bourguignon. Bread. Croissants. All of the pastries. Cheese. Red wine. Quiche. Creme brûlée. Macarons. Madeleines. Soufflé. Tarte Tatin. Pâté. Jambon. Raclette. Sorry, I got a bit caught up there… […]

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Sweet and sticky duck legs

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We’re trying to eat less chicken. Well, Alex is trying to make me eat less chicken. It goes with everything and I put it with everything. So, we’re stepping away. More vegetables, and more non-chicken meats for these guys. This week I experimented with duck legs. I love duck (even more than chicken, actually), I just don’t […]

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REVIEW: Dinner by Heston, Knightsbridge

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If you like your Michelin-star restaurants with a healthy dose of drama and more attention to detail (and to you) than you’ve ever experienced before, go to Dinner by Heston. It’s the real deal. To celebrate 7 (long, hard) years together, Alex and I booked a table at Dinner by Heston, which is situated in […]

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What to do and what to eat in Lake Plitvice, Croatia

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2016 is my year of going places, so just a few weeks after this fab adventure in Ljubljana, I hopped on a plane back to that part of the world, this time landing in Croatia. I’ve wanted to go to Croatia for a while, with Hvar, Split and Dubrovnik high on my list ever since […]

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What to do and what to eat in Ljubljana

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The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (loo-bl-anna) is one of Europe’s lesser-known cities and is just a 2 hour flight from London. It’s a pretty beautiful flight too, with the Swiss Alps and Slovenia’s pine-lined lakes visible through the fluffy white clouds. Surrounded by places like Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Switzerland and Italy, it’s a smorgesboard of […]

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Fig, feta and pomegranate salad

Who knew figs were so tasty? I mean, I know I’m partial to a (packet of) fig rolls, but I never really associated the fruit with the sweet snack, and I know they look and sound delightful on Waitrose’s cool shelf, but I’ve never known what to do with them, or even really fancied them […]

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Chicken and pomegranate stew

Chicken. And. Pomegranate. This is a taste sensation, believe me. This is one of my go-to Saturday night dinners and a favourite when we have people over. It impresses every time, even the time the screw from the casserole dish top came loose and was served to one of our dear friends in his chicken […]

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Cookbooks to buy this Christmas

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There’s nothing quite like the smell of a new book. Or a homecooked meal, constructed with the help of a new cookbook. What a lovely gift to give someone. And, for the less organised amongst you, a lovely gift you can order today from Amazon and have tomorrow. Christmas is a comin’ people! Know a […]

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REVIEW: Duck and Waffle, 40 floors up

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We’ve been waiting for a space to come up at Duck and Waffle since we moved to London, nearly a year ago. We haven’t been entirely dedicated but every couple of weeks we’ve looked and it’s been impossible to book a table for two at normal eating hours. But since the infamous 40-floors-up-making-it-the-highest-restaurant-in-the-UK dining venue […]

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Cologne. The home of beer in tiny glasses, Bratwurst, sauerkraut and the Lindt Chocolate factory (who knew?). And it turns out, the home of some of the best red wine and fine dining to have ever passed these, albeit eager-to-eat, lips. Our intention wasn’t to visit Cologne in pursuit of tasty grub, though that’s often […]

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Sausage, kale, sweet potato and Gruyere cheese bake

Kale is having a bit of an extended moment in the foodie world and I’m trying very hard to live by the philosophy ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ when it comes to the coarse cabbage, but I must admit I’m struggling. It’s a bit too strong and rough for me. But if there’s […]

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